Friday, September 24, 2010

Down to the Wire

I am finally starting my thesis paper. Today. It's due Monday. A hard copy to Miami. I got a private room at the local library and I have all my stuff set up. 

I went to plug in the cord to my laptop, and realized that I left the power cord at home. My sausage link-sized computer battery will only last two hours, so I am hoping that it doesn't power down during a brain revelation. 

I have my first paragraphs written and a game plan. The sitting and getting started is the hardest part, and now I have three timers messing up my flow: the power on my laptop, my deadline, and my bladder. The last one is in there because every time I really start feeling the groove of writing, I have to pee, which is okay at home, but I will have to pack up all my stuff here to go to the bathroom and I already need to go. Sigh.

I was going to work at home, but Ben is slightly clingier today than usual, so Mark is watching him while I "get serious writing done." 

Why can't things be easy?