Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Happened to You?

Well, I realize that I totally dropped off the blogosphere for four months, probably because I was drowning in Dorothy Allison research and couldn't come up for air long enough to breathe and write something for just me.

I felt very sorry for myself last semester because of how hard the craft paper was turning out to be, until I did a random search for a Dorothy Allison quote and a doctoral dissertation came up, all 231 pages of it, about the effects of trauma through the writing of Bastard Out of Carolina. I thought to myself, "If this person can find that much stuff to talk about while using Allison's novel as a frame, then certainly I can write (and subsequently re-write) 25 pages of scholarly analysis on all of her works. I put my big girl panties on, so to speak, and wrote the dadgum paper. And I'm through with it! Hallelujah.

Now, I must take my paper, open it up and look at it again (gag!), and glean a few morsels of information and do a 10-15 min. lecture on it in June. In front of everybody. On a TOTALLY different note, I will be starting P90X  tomorrow.

I am doing my thesis project this semester, and thankfully I have already completed the bulk of the work. It's all about refining my writing now. Which I look forward to, since I know what the crap I'm doing now. Or at least more than when I started.

Thanks for hanging with me through my hiatus.